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Incident = I drop my brother for a haircut at about 2:30 pm on July 14, 2007. I walk to Safeway located in Marysville, Washington for contact lens solution.

Specifically Alcon Opti-Free Replenish solution. I pick up two boxes a 10 oz box and a box of rewetting drops also called Alcon Opti-Free Relplenish. I exit the eye care aisle and look at meats and spices. I think about buffalo wings and what spices I need.

I go back to look at a package of frozen Tyson brand wings for the ingredients. I see an unknown female tampering with some contact lens solution. I go back to the spices and change my mind. I didn't want Buffalo wings and I also change my mind about the rewetting drops.

So instead I buy seasoning and some rib eye steaks. My brother pops into the store and says let's go home. I pay for my items which are Alcon Opti-Free Replenish Solution, McCormick Steak Rub and 3 rib eye steaks. As I exit I am apprehended by two people who look like drug addicts.

The unknown female then flashes to me a badge worn around her neck that says security and an unknown man with a crazy spiked mohawk and rocker/skateborading clothes. Now the female was missing teeth and I suspected that these two individuals were high. I run back into the store with both chasing me because I though they were fake. Now the manager comes up and verifies.

I enter the main office and am told to sit down. The female guard enters and accuses me of destroying property. It was the same contact lens solution she was tampering with. Now I am being blamed for opening the package even if my eye doctor clearly stated not to switch solutions.

Why would I tamper with a brand i'm not supposed to use? I explain this but she discredits me to tell me that I was carrying two boxes. They don't believe that it was the same brand. I ask to see surveillance.

They tell me that only safeway personel can go and use it. I am asked for social security and id I comply due to fear and intimidation. I am forced to sign a contract for a 1 year banning. If I did not I would have the police called.

Now I was in a hurry for a band concert my sister was having and was forced to leave the premises @ 3 p.m.

Damage Resulting = Safeway ban for 1 year in all of Washington State.

Now when I attend college the only grocery at Washington State University is Safeway. I will not be able to buy food.

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