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Alcon SAYS they offer a $200 rebate for the purchase of a year's supply of contacts. They give you the run around until offer expires!

They gave me 3 different excuses for why my claim was denied after doing everything to the letter! They drug it out for 6 weeks until the final excuse was that time had run out!

Also I have had many defected contacts! Do not purchase from this dishonest company with crap product!

Product or Service Mentioned: Alcon Rebate.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I liked: That they offered a two hundred dollar rebate.

I didn't like: That the rebate offer was a scam.

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Alcon rebates are a scam, do not waste your time trying to get their "rebate". It is "fake news".


I agree!!! Will never buy ALCON again! They gave me the same run around and excuses about my rebate decline!




I agree ordered contacts almost a year ago declined for staplein receipt. and then said they can read it 3-4 months go by and still nothing.

its undue stress. On the phone with them now to check in 11 mos later on my rebate


Yeah... They got me too.

All I can say---to ALL rebate companies is... If you don't want to give people their money back----DON'T OFFER A REBATE!!!!

All this hoop jumping...do this, do that, hidden and/or unclear deadlines, all a bunch of CRAP!! Good luck with rebates y'all!!!!


I experienced the same thing. There was nothing on the rebate form that I was given that it had to be done within 90 days of eye examination.

I was given 2 forms by the girls at the store, and there was nothing there that I had to submit it within 90 days. They told me I had to buy the contact lenses within a year.

Because of this experience, I'm picking a different brand the next time I get a set of contact lenses. Alcon is not an honest company!


ALCON rebates is totally fraudulent. I just experienced the same thing.

Was expecting a $200 rebate and was declined. The response was that it didn't meet program requirements. I also had every single piece of necessary paperwork. All neatly scanned and submitted.

And if you have a question, it brings you cannot access customer service at all. I will go OUT OF MY WAY to warn others about this BS when purchasing contacts.


This has been an ongoing issue for years. They make you jump through hoops and don't honor the rebate.

I would think an itemized receipt with my name and other demographic information from my eye doctor would be enough proof that I had the exam and purchased the lenses.The rebate code will not be sent, just the instructions which was already sent with my contacts. It is a waste of time and energy.


This Just happened to me. I had more documentation then needed.

Email came back saying denied and to go to a link. the link doesn't allow me to add or remove anything. I am surprised Alcon has not been Sued for these false rebates.

Anyone a lawyer? I sent an email to my eye doctor asking that they do not hand those rebates out to their customers as this is a scam.


No way! I thought I was losing my mind about defective contacts. I too have had many and I’ve been waiting for my rebate since December.


I experienced the same thing. I submitted my claim as instructed and within the time limit.

I received no correspondence. After more than 3 months, I received $75 instead of the $200 promised. They claimed to have sent me an email that I needed to submit a second UPC. The instructions only asked for one when I submitted it and I never received any email as such.

The receipt clearly states what was bought from the doctor that was already on their website list.

I got the same answer when I called the complaint line, request supervisor call-back. The agents were cordial, but stick by the claim that they sent the email requesting a second UPC.

I hope they get what they deserve. The consumer is at their mercy for this rebate "procedure", and not receiving any notice until the time is already passed.


I experienced the same thing. They are so difficult to deal with.

I submitted my claim. When I didn't not receive it they said they sent me an email (which I never received) and they acknowledged that. The email allegedly stated that I needed to submit something else Obviously I couldn't submit what I did not know. I tried numerous times to reason with them and they refused.

I am so mad.

I will NOT order their contacts again. I want everyone to know this is a SCAM


Same thing on our end. My husband and I just went through about 8 rigorous calls today with no success. If anyone here is interested in a lawsuit I am happy to join.


I can't even get a code that the rebate submission form will accept. It is supposed to email the code.

But I get an email with a button that takes me to a page that doesn't have anything on it except a long number. Thinking that is the code, I tried using it and it says it is invalid. There is no "contact us for help" not mail in option, no way to even talk to anyone about it. Super upset that I spent the extra money thinking I would get a rebate.

I can not even get to the part of submission. This is the second time I have had issues with Alcon and their rebates. The last one last year for $60 took them 8 months to deliver and only after about 30 emails to them.

I think they just got tired of hearing from me and finally sent the card. I will never fall for this crap again.


Same here, I purchased for my 2 children, came home that night and filled everything out and received my voucher code to submit the rebate but every time I tried to click the final submit, it would time out and say error. I tried for 5 more weeks and called them at least 7 times and they would just tell me to try again.

At the 6 week mark, they told me to just mail it in. After waiting several weeks with no notification, I called them and they claimed to have zero record of my mailed in copy. They told me to resubmit online for a new redemption code and try again which I did and it finally accepted my online submission with the new code. Again waited several weeks and no notification so I called and they told me my last submission was past the deadline and they would do nothing for me.

I truly believe it is scam.

I even supplied them with my internet history showing I was on the rebate pages over 20 times over the course of those weeks. WTH would I waste my time on the rebate submission website other than to get my freaking money back??

to Kristine #1410726

what did your code look like?... I get this supper long code and it doesn't work...with or without the dashes. I'm talking 32 numbers long.


Complete scam. Don't buy their product. You'll end up spending extra for a shitty product.


We went through the same thing when my husband got his contact, thought it would be a great deal especially since they were so expensive. Submitted everything via email they required, never received email, letter or call regarding from them regarding the rebate.

But they sure do send him a bunch of coupons for their products.

Now it is past the deadline for the rebate program and and for the past month and a half he has been having issues with his contacts. This company is a joke and their rebate program is a straight up scam.


You are absolutely correct about their scamming technique! They did the same thing more than once to me.

Delay for invalid reason then claim it's too late to submit.

Do not fall for this rebate scam. Do not buy Alcon products!!!

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